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How to reduce eye floaters?

How to reduce eye floaters

How to reduce eye floaters?

How to reduce eye floatersSuffering from eye floaters may affect many aspects of your life, from reading, driving a car or undertaking any activities that require total visual accuracy. 

In this article, we’re going to look at several causes leading people to experience eye floaters in their eyes as well as ways to reduce them.

Limit your alcohol intake and stop smoking 

We all know that smoking is a bad habit and comes with dangerous consequences on your health. Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals which can harm your eyes and lead to the development of floaters. If you already have eye floaters, then smoking can worsen them. If you don’t already have them, then this habit is a likely cause.

Similarly, excessive drinking of alcohol can cause premature aging to the vitreous humour, which can trigger the development of floaters. If you want to reduce risks or prevent floaters entirely, we strongly recommend you change your lifestyle.

Give your eyes a rest

Eye fatigue is another known cause leading to eye floaters. Our eyes get tired when we look at a computer screen or watch TV for long hours. Make sure to relax our eyes by getting enough sleep at night. Sleeping at least 6 hours a day will give your eyes enough time to repair and heal. 

Another way to relax is to close your eyes, gently massage them, then apply a hot or cold piece of cloth, and rest.

Drink enough water

Dehydration is another cause of eye floaters. The vitreous humour in your eyes is made of 98% of water. If you’re constantly dehydrated, this gel-like substance can lose shape or shrink. This can lead to the occurrence of floaters because the proteins in this substance do not remain dissolved and thus, they solidify. 

Ensure that you consume the recommended intake of water which is at least eight glasses every day. Apart from keeping the vitreous humour in shape, water also vital to detoxify the body and flush out toxins which can bring this condition.

Relieve stress

Research has indicated that stress and anxiety can trigger the formation of floaters in the eyes. Therefore, find ways to manage your stress levels, and you’ll improve your eye health. Some stress management techniques include: practicing yoga, meditating, exercising, and spending time in nature.

Ensure your diet is healthy

If you’ve constantly been eating foods such as deep-fried foods, sugary foods, processed meat, and refined carbohydrates, then they may be the cause of your eye floaters. 

These foods are known to cause inflammation, which may lead to the development of this eye condition. Introduce healthy foods in your diet such as leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and fatty fish. These have essential nutrients to improve eye health and reduce floaters.

Improving your lifestyle can significantly reduce eye floaters. However, if your eye floaters are severe and significantly impacting your vision, then you should visit a qualified eye care professional in Australia. He/she will conduct a thorough examination and recommend the best solution.