Since 2011, Binetter Eye Centre has has been using the most advanced  laser surgery technology available: The Schwind Amaris.

Considered by independent experts to provides the highest standard among lasers for refractive surgery the Schwind Amaris offers maximum precision and minimum treatment time.

It is significantly faster, more precise and safer than ever before and is the benchmark against which other lasers are compared.

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Developed in Germany, the Schwind Amaris eye surgery laser offers both high precision and increased safety. It is the only laser to provide all features of modern laser technology in one system. The sophisticated Schwind Amaris offers the most advanced technology in the areas of pulse frequency, beam profile and 6 Dimensional eye tracking.

Its capabilities give surgeons increased flexibility to treat:

The Schwind Amaris is simply the benchmark against which all other eye surgery lasers are compared.

Schwind Amaris laser machine

The technology leader

The main point of difference wit the Schwind Amaris is its laser beam. Only 0.54mm wide, it offers far finer control than normal surgical lasers. Furthermore, this laser does not cut or burn in the same way as other types might. It is an ablation laser which means it imparts energy that disrupts the molecular bonds of the target tissue – essentially disintegrating and vaporising it in an extremely precise way. There is virtually zero effect on the healthy tissues surrounding the laser’s target.


The Schwind Amaris also has two energy settings. By using the high power setting on the first 80% of the word, the first phase of treatment can be conducted significantly faster – especially when correcting higher refractive errors. Then, for the second phase, the power is dialled down and the remaining 20 percent of fine correction work can be performed more easily.


The decisive factor in laser eye surgery is often the exact centering and constant repositioning of the eye. The Schwind Amaris has a 1050 Hz eye tracker which means, yes, it monitors the position of the patient’s eye 1050 times per second. With such a high rate it provides amazing precision in the positioning of every laser pulse.


The Schwind Amaris is also unique in that incorporates both static and dynamic advanced cyclotorsion control for correction. Often, a patient’s eye rotates during a laser treatment. With cyclotorsion control, the Amaris adjusts for this and places the ablation accordingly.


An excimer laser is a special kind of laser that uses ultraviolet light. As well as its popular applications in laser eye surgery, it also finds uses in micro electrical engineering. Because ultraviolet is readily absorbed by human tissues it is an ideal laser for medical use.

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