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The Binetter Eye Centre is a purpose built facility, incorporating the finest technology available for Laser Vision Correction Surgery and Cataract Surgery.

Two operating theatres are available and the complex is licensed by the New South Wales Department of Health and the influential Australian Council of Health Standards.

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We offer a full range of laser vision treatments for people who don’t want to wear glasses or contact lenses. They include LASIK, and SmartSurfACE laser treatment, and even phakic lens implants, which is a tiny contact lens that is permanently implanted inside your eye.

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When it comes to cataract surgery, we treat people with the latest topical anesthetics, with the newest trifocal and multifocal lens implants, with the latest astigmatism correcting implants, and restore wonderful sight after the operation.

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If someone has macular degeneration, we are now able to deliver the medication directly to the retina.

Expert Services

An all-laser LASIK approach is suitable in many cases

Conventional laser eye surgery with a unique set of benefits

Our most-common operation, with thousands of satisfied patients

Super-precise 3D eye scanning and measurement

Restoring sight through implanting a state-of-the-art synthetic lens

 It is an ultrathin, intraocular lens, like a contact lens, that is implanted into the eye to correct vision.