Cataract Surgery Specialists.

Binetter Eye Centre ia a purpose built Cataract & Laser Eye Surgery clinic in North Sydney with 2 special operating theatres, incorporating the finest available laser technology and proven vision correction treatments.

Dr. Ron Binetter is one of the most experienced Cataract and Implant Surgeons in Australia. He has performed over 10,000 Cataract and Implant procedures.

Our operating theatre complex is licensed by the New South Wales Department of Health and has been given full accreditation for excellence by the influential Australian Council Of Health Standards.

Cataract Diagram

The Binetter Eye Centre’s equipment is regularly revised and maintained by the manufacturers with procedures and results monitored and reviewed by our Medical Director.

We face many questions each time a patient visits us.
We expect and understand the importance you place on your vision and take our commitment to improving your vision very seriously.

We are patient focused and aim to achieve the best possible results by the safest, proven and most predictable means.

For over 20 years our approach has always been one of delivering proven surgical results at an affordable cost, making Cataract and Implant Surgery accessible to as many people as possible.

    We have patients from all over Australia!


    A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural crystalline lens.
    As this naturally clear lens becomes cloudy, light cannot focus clearly at the back of the eye called the retina.
    As a result the images you see become blurred or out of focus.
    This blurring may occur gradually or occasionally rapidly.
    Most commonly cataracts affect adults over the age of 60.It is part of the natural ageing process.


    Some of the symptoms cataracts cause are:

    Blurred or dim vision
    Worsening Night Vision
    Increased sensitivity to bright light and glare
    Haloes around lights at night
    The need for brighter light to comfortably read
    A change in glasses prescription that doesn’t really help
    Constantly cleaning your glasses to clear your vision


    The most common cause of cataracts is due to the natural ageing of the eye.
    Other causes include

    A family history of cataracts
    Medical issues such as Diabetes
    Medications such as steroids
    Chronic exposure to unprotected sunlight
    Previous injury to your eye

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