HD Blade-free Custom LASIK


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HD Blade-free Custom LASIK

Intralase is the world wide leader in Femtosecond Technology having created the concept of all laser Lasik.

Over 10 million procedures have been performed using Intralase. The IFS ™ Method is a 100% all laser approach to creating the corneal Flap. It utilizes the culmination of Intralase technology; the 5th generation IFS ™ Laser.

The IFS ™ Laser gives surgeons maximum ability to customize the Lasik flap. The IFS ™ Laser provides the ideal combination of advantages:

• A stronger corneal flap
• Faster visual recovery

What is HD Blade-free Custom LASIK

Traditionally, Lasik surgeons have used an instrument called a Microkeratome to create the Lasik flap.

The microkeratome is an automated blade that creates the Lasik flap.

Intralase is an extremely short pulse laser called a Femtosecond Laser, that is 100% Blade free, to create the Lasik flap. Utilizing the Intralase your surgeon can customize the Lasik flap according to the shape of your eye. Everything from the diameter and thickness of the flap to the angle of its edges can be precisely determined. This is important because every ones eyes are shaped a little differently.

Having a corneal Lasik flap that’s individualized to your eye will help your surgeon ensure that you achieve the best possible result.

The Intralase Laser applies tiny rapid pulses of light.

Each pulse of light forms a microscopic bubble at a specified depth and position within your eye that is determined by your surgeon. As the Intralase Laser moves back and forth across your eye, a uniform layer of bubbles forms just below the surface of the cornea. Your surgeon creates the Lasik flap by gently separating the corneal layer where the bubbles have formed.

The Intralase Laser creates an ultrasmooth even surface after your corneal flap is lifted.

The Intralase Laser process takes about 15 seconds per eye.

How does all laser Lasik Work?

The creation of the Lasik flap, prepares the eye for the second step of the Lasik procedure.

In this second step, another laser known as an Excimer Laser is used to reshape your cornea and correct your vision.

Bladefree LASIK