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SmartSurfACE™ PRK is an advanced laser eye surgery technique that corrects vision without touching the eye. It combines the benefits of Touch Free, Blade-Free surface treatment with innovative Laser Technology.

SmartPulse™ Technology is a new spot overlap algorithm giving a far smoother surface with faster healing, With SmartSurfACE™ and SmartPulse™ technology the procedures safety is unsurpassed.


SmartSurfACE™ Touch Free laser vision correction is:

• Gentle – there is no contact with the eye. No Blade. No Cut. No Flap.
• Safe – Laser treatment is done at the surface of the cornea. No Flap complications. A strong stable cornea
• Stressless – One step with one laser. The Schwind AMARIS Excimer Laser
• Fast – The smooth corneal surface provides a faster healing than conventional surface treatments


• Faster visual recovery
• Clear vision
• High corneal stability
• None of the side effects involved in cutting the cornea

What is SmartSurfACE™ PRK?

Historically, LASIK eye surgery has been the most common treatment to correct vision but it is considered an invasive form of eye surgery, due to the way it corrects the eye by cutting a ‘flap’ in the cornea.

For people seeking a non-invasive option, we are happy to recommend SmartSurfACE™ Trans PRK (Transepithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy).

This treatment is an advanced, one-step, incision-free, laser vision correction procedure that uses SmartPulse™ laser technology.

SmartPulse™ laser technology

SmartSurfACE™ method of vision correction is a much more gentle laser eye treatment method, because unlike “flap” procedures like Traditional or All-laser LASIK, this method of vision correction is blade free and doesn’t involve cutting into the cornea.

The SmartSurfACE™ treatment uses the SmartPulse™ laser technology combined with the Trans PRK procedure to safely and precisely correct the patient’s vision on the surface of the cornea, where the thin outer layer of the cornea (the epithelium) is gently and evenly removed through vaporization (a process known as “surface ablation”) and the corrective treatment is performed.

SmartPulse™ laser technology uses a new spot overlap algorithm, meaning that the laser pulses are arranged optimally and positioned more closely than previous technologies allowed, giving a more precise result. This also means that the patient’s optimal vision will occur much quicker – patients often experience perfect vision immediately after the treatment!

Who is eligible?

SmartSurfACE™ is suitable for all candidates for laser eye surgery, especially patients who are active with sports or water activities, have thin corneas or irregular corneas.

The treatment works on all eye conditions such as longsightedness, shortsightedness or astigmatism.   

It also has little effect on tear film production which makes it ideal for those with dry eyes or intolerance to contact lenses.


The corneal surface is reshaped using advanced laser technology.

Without touching the eye the laser corrects vision through the top layer of the cornea. A contact lens remains on the eye for three to four days to aid healing.

The treatment is painless and effectively reshapes the cornea to correct vision in less than a minute.


Three to Four days after SmartSurfACE™ the surface layer of the cornea is healed.

Vision continues to improve and the surface layer remodels.

With SmartSurfACE™ the healing process is much faster than conventional PRK, LASIK and other laser eye procedures.

Common PRK questions

Is this laser eye procedure safe?

Yes, the procedure is one of the safest options for laser eye surgery. It uses SmartSurfACE™ technology, which provides more corneal stability and strength as the treatment takes place directly on the corneal surface without the need for cutting the cornea. It also means there is less chance for infection during the healing process, or later on as no incisions are made.

Is this procedure better than LASIK?

The end result of SmartSurfACE™ PRK is comparable to results achieved with LASIK. It takes several days for the epithelium to regenerate and cover the surface of the eye and as such, a contact lens needs to be worn to help protect the cornea while the epithelium regenerates. The epithelium normally closes three to four days after SmartSurfACE™  treatment, with the patient’s vision already vastly improved at that time.

The benefit it has over LASIK though is the fact that the surgery is “flapless”, so that there is no risk of the flap not completely healing, or it becoming infected later on. Patients undergoing SmartSurfACE™ Trans PRK also has less chance of suffering from dry eyes compared to patients undergoing LASIK surgery due to the non-invasive method of correction.

How long the SmartSurfACE™ PRK has been available?

The treatment was launched in 2008, with more than 825,000 no-touch eye laser treatment treatments being performed since it’s launch.

Is the vision correction permanent?

Most people will achieve much better vision after surgery, but unfortunately, no one can guarantee that you will never need to wear glasses or contact lenses again in your life. You may need additional enhancement surgery to improve your vision further or to correct a gradual worsening of your eyesight over time. For example, glasses may be required for reading as you age, due to presbyopia; an age-related loss of near vision. If you do need to wear glasses or contacts, then your prescription will be much lower than it was previously.