How much will my laser eye surgery cost?

One of the first concerns people have when considering laser eye surgery is the cost. While perfect vision is priceless, the reality is that price matters – especially for people who already get by in life with glasses or contact lenses.

While every eye is different and many factors affect the procedures required, a guide for our base pricing structure is:

FAQ's Answered

Why are these only base prices?

There are many reasons why we do not and cannot offer set prices for our procedures and treatments. Chiefly, these are:

1. Different technologies and approaches

The term laser eye surgery actually covers many different kinds of treatment. Each has its advantages and trade-offs. For example, one technique may be faster in the surgery, but presents an increased risk of eye irritation during recovery. The degrees to which various factors are important to you and apply to your specific vision disorder all inform which treatment options we consider.

Generally speaking, the more advanced the technology, the more expensive it is for the Binetter Eye Centre to offer it.

2. Surgical practices

The Binetter Eye Centre is a dedicated, independent and fully equipped specialist eye surgery. This allows Chief Medical Officer Dr Ron Binetter to accept no compromises in the pursuit of the absolute best in ophthalmology.

Making successful patient outcomes our utmost priority through the best equipment, the best staff and the best training means our prices may be higher than other centres.

All costs will be explained

At the Binetter Eye Centre, our mission is to help the world see better. We can only do this if we help every one of our patients fully understand everything we are doing for them. When you come for a consultation and when you receive estimates documents, we explain every step and cost involved

Nothing is hidden: each pricing and fee – from face to face meetings to surgical bills – is stated in detail. The costs for post-surgery care and recommended future check-ups are also given up front.

An investment in yourself

Yes, laser surgery to correct your vision is an investment in quality of life. However, like any good investment, it should also save you money over the long run.

The purchase, repair and upkeep glasses – or perhaps the ongoing cost of disposable contact lenses – mounts up considerably. Some people continually pay for these vision prostheses for their entire life.

Laser eye surgery can be a near-permanent solution that means you can stop the ongoing outlay on new glasses, optometrist visits, replacement lenses and refills of cleaning fluid.

Payment options and assistance

The Binetter Eye Centre does not currently provide financing options. However, we can provide limited guidance on ways you might be able to fund your eye surgery.

Many of our patients have had good experiences applying for a GEM Visa credit card. This card, in turn, permits them to access a 0% interest payment plan with the Binetter Eye Centre.

Further, many private health insurers offer specific rebates and discounts for certain procedures or component costs. Please check with your insurer for more.